Our therapists have varied personal and professional life experiences, which we draw from to inform our professional training. We believe this mix gives us lived-in understanding into the vast array of causes for mental health concerns, so we can better tailor your treatment.

Damien DuPont MA, PhD, LMHC

Founder / Therapist

I moved to New York City from South Carolina almost 20 years ago, and have gone from teaching Philosophy in colleges, to various roles in the corporate world, to being a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. I have a BA (Vanderbilit) and PhD (CUNY Graduate Center) in Philosophy, and an MA in Applied Psychology (NYU).

I work to combine my expertise in Philosophy, (particularly Ancient Greek and Existential), in concert with my training and experience with Adlerian, Existentialist, REBT, CBT, and Rogerian therapy methods to help with your mental health concerns.

The core of successful therapy is the therapeutic alliance we will build based on mutual respect and trust. This basis will allow us to help you improve critical thinking, goal setting & follow-through, and problem solving, as well in developing a better understanding of the nature and usefulness of emotions. I have particular interest in issues surrounding anxiety, depression, identity, stress, trauma, medical conditions, and disability.


Allison Poster-Katz, M.S.Ed, RD, MHC-LP


I have a BA in Psychology from Syracuse University, and a MA in Mental Health Counseling from Hunter College. I also have a Master’s in Public Health Nutrition from Hunter College, am a registered dietician, and am a Certified Personal Trainer.

I believe change lasts longest when achieved in a holistic manner, and thus mental health involves caring for the mind, body, and soul. The way we choose to lead our lives, how we think, what we eat, and how we move, impacts our mental well-being. My favorite motto is “What we think is what we become”.

My belief that the relationship between therapist and client is the foundation of therapy has helped me develop great working relationships with diverse peoples, by creating a safe,
non-judgmental space.

I have a thorough and practical ability with various counseling methods, with a preference towards REBT, CBT, and ACT. And I have experience working with adjustment issues, anxiety, attachment issues, eating disorders, intergenerational cultural issues, mood disorders, and relationship issues.