Aitia, an Ancient Greek term meaning ‘cause’, is the bedrock among the key philosophical and psychological concepts we use to help people in our psychotherapy practice.

Aitia Philosophy

If I know the goal of the person, I know in a general way what will happen.” – Alfred Adler

Our philosophy is around your aitia. As you’ll read throughout this site, the concept of aitia is about cause. In the hands of Plato and Aristotle, it evolved from the reason why you’ve been accused of something, like being caught ‘red handed,’ into how you got your reputation, and eventually into a truly psychological phenomenon.

Plato realized that something about you, in you, causes what happens to you. Your specific beliefs aren’t good or bad, but they may be more or less adaptive, and can certainly cause your emotions, as well as your behaviors. We cause ourselves to end up as healthy or unhealthy people by what we choose. What follows from this is a responsibility to ourselves. If we learn our aitia, we can explain ourselves, and if we can explain ourselves, we don’t have to be at the mercy of our deepest psychological concerns. We can do something about them.

Our Mission

Practical wisdom is key to fixing problems and removing obstacles, and can seem so far away from us when we are suffering from stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues. Our goal is to help clear away the clutter so you can find the solutions to gain peace of mind and flourish in a life you design for your true self.


Don’t let your perceived failings, blocks in life, and other distress make you miserable any longer. We can help you understand yourself, harness your desires and feelings, and move toward activities and relationships that bring meaning and enjoyment to your life.

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